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Coin Packagers and Counters

Magner Model 920 Coin Packager/Counter
The Model 920 counts a single coin denomination at 1,700 coins per minute and produces either coin rolls or bagged coin output. The unit offers operator adjustable precise bag stops, simple adjustment for denomination change over, and small coin off-sort for non-stop processing. At only 15 pounds this product is both highly portable and extremely reliable.

Options include a carrying handle, an off-sort bagging attachment, and coin tubes for the U.S. or Canadian coin denominations. The 920 can process coins or tokens from .55 inches in diameter to 1.34 inches in any quantity (1- 9999) with exacting precision.

Magner Model 930 Coin Verifier

Incorporating all the same features as the model 920, the Model 930 offers an increased hopper capacity of 4,000 coins and an automatic feed system. It is ideal for bulk coin verification applications.