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Miscellaneous Supplies and Equipment

Paper Coin Wrappers
Quality Color Coded Coin Tubes
from Magee Company

Designed to improve the productivity of your coin wrapping process, these high quality coin tubes are manufactured in the United States, and ready for immediate shipment. Precision manufacturing techniques ensure every coin tube is just like the rest: colorful, reliable, and accurate.

No more rolling and tucking, poking or prodding coins to fit in the coin wrap or tube. Our tubes are a delight to work with. The patented ‘funnel’ design facilitates the stacking of coins quickly and neatly so the tube can be closed without hassle.

Also because of the unique ‘funnel’ design of these tubes, they can be ‘nested’ one inside another. This means...

  • Easier access to the tubes during wrapping operations
  • Less chance of damage during shipment
  • Reduced storage space requirements as compared to other preformed coin rolls 

MAGEE Coin tubes are available in the following sizes…

Penny Tubes (Red) 2,300 per carton
Nickel Tubes (Blue) 1,900 per carton
Dime Tubes (Green) 3,300 per carton
Quarter Tubes (Orange) 1,650 per carton
One Dollar Tubes (Gray) 1,300 per carton
Two Dollar Tubes (Canada) 1,450 per carton
[Each tube is color-coded to conform to ABA standards.]

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