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MAGNER® Currency Counters

Model 35 Currency Counter
The Model 35 Currency Counter was designed for basic counting applications and simplicity of operation. High quality control ensures consistency in the manufacturing of our products and has been instrumental in making the Model 35 the number one selling currency counter worldwide. 

The Model 35 operates at 1,300 documents per minute featuring touch sensitive controls, automatic start, variable batch presets, and grand total accumulation.

Product options include  a parallel and an an RS232 interface to a remote computer.

Model 35-3 Currency Counter
The model 35-3 Currency Counter is defined by performance, not by size. The model 35-3 offers robust functionality with automatic start, touch sensitive controls, full error detection, selectable speeds (up to 1500 notes per minute), variable currency batching with a 10 key keyboard, and an "accumulation mode".

One word best describes the Model 35-3... Overachiever
It is a compact premium Currency Counter designed for outstanding
performance in basic currency processing applications. Error detection includes Doubles, chained notes, half-notes, and Jams.

Product options include a RS232 interface and an External LCD Display.

Model 75 Series Currency Counters
The 75 Series offers the technology, performance, and productivity you expect from MAGNER - the global leader in table-top currency counters. With a wide range of features and options, the 75 Series is also designed for rugged reliability, even in the most demanding applications. The 75 Series provides accurate high speed processing at 1,500 notes per minute, simplicity of operation, and advanced currency authentication and detection capabilities.

Choose from a basic model with variable batching or a more advanced model with dual head, dual threshold magnetic counterfeit detection, or ultraviolet detection. You can also have both in combination should your application require it!

75 Series Currency Counter with Counterfeit Detection
The Model 75M offers advanced dual-head, dual threshold magnetic counterfeit detection, and the75U version offers ultraviolet counterfeit detection. The 75UM offers both in combination.
75 Series
Product options include  a parallel and an an RS232 interface to a remote computer.

Series 75 V and MV Models
The Model 75V is a high-throughput note counter capable of extending the dollar value of currency denominations and tracking totals at the denomination, batch, and grand levels. Equipped with an optional printer, the 75V provides a detailed audit trail for improved control of cash counting and balancing operations. The Model 75MV offers all the capabilities of the 75V along with Magner's field-proven dual magnetic detection technology. Whether you are balancing deposits or preparing them, the 75V and MV will help you do the job more efficiently and productively than ever before.

Optional 75ED (External Display)
The 75ED is a plug and play peripheral for the 75 Series Currency Counter Family. Its large LED display shows the number of notes counted automatically.



Model VC-525 Bank Note Counter
The MAGNER VC-525 high speed desk-top bank note counter is the world’s smallest vacuum counter providing speed, simplicity and and a high level of accuracy. At speeds of up to 1,500 notes per minute the VC-525 offers five operating modes including Counting, Add, Batch, Checking, and Alarm Checking. The counter also has two 4 digit LED displays. One displays the count or total to the operator, and the other, which rotates 360 degrees, displays confirming information to the customer. The VC-525 also offers an easy to use operator control panel with touch keys.