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Maverick M-52 Point of Payment
Check Scanner

The Fast, Compact and Affordable Image Capture Solution.

Maverick's M-52 enables Financial Institutions to streamline check processing workflows by capturing check images at the branch while performing traditional P.O.D. operations at regional centers. Ideal for Check Cashing, Securities Payments, Teller Window Processing, Corporate Payments, Lock Box, Exception Processing, and Retail Point of Sale.

The M-52 creates high quality images of both sides of a check that then may be stored locally for audit and historical research. I can also quickly be transmitted to a bank's centralized item processing center, or data may be transmitted as an ACH file for payment transfer

Why the M-52 Point of Payment Check Scanner ?

FAST - Scans front and back of up to 60 checks per minute. MICR code line is captured, endorsement printed, while scanning one check per second.

COMPACT - Needing less than 5" x 9" of space, the scanner easily fits into small areas.

AFFORDABLE - The M-52 is priced favorably for Point of Payment capture applications..

SIMPLE INTEGRATION - The M-52's standard USB port provides a "plug and play" connection to a Host Computer.

The M-52 increases operational efficiency by capturing the MICR code line and check image at the point of payment transaction, thus reducing paper handling. Depending on your strategy, the M-52 fits nicely into a remote or distributed capture solution that eliminates or reduces courier runs, thus saving time and increasing funds availability.

As each Check is scanned, it is analyzed before thresholding into black and white to provide a sharp, easy to read image. Images may be captured in 16 or 256 shades of grey. As a second quality check, the MICR codeline can be re-read using optical character recognition which complements the magnetic read to capture the information on poorly printed checks

Maverick M-52 Scanner Features -

Two Sided Scanning and Endorsement

Designed to scan up to 3 Million items.

On-board diagnostics, power-on self testing, and an easy to service modular design ensures reliable, problem free operation.

Reliable Single Pass Transport.

Flash EEPROM allows easy upgrade of functionality.

Maverick M-52 Point of  Payment Scanner Specifications

 Power  115/230 Vac 50/60 hz 30 VA
 Weight  4.4 lbs. (2 Kg.)
 Footprint  8.5" L x 4.8" D x 6.4" H
 Paper Size 
 (up to UNIA6)


 Document Height: 2.12" - 4.17"
 Document Length: 3.19" - 8.97"
 Document Weight:16 - 32 lbs.
 Feeder  Drop-in, single item, manual  feed
 Scanning Method  Concurrent Two-Sided Duplex
 Camera: 2 x 480 cell, 105 mm CCD
 Light Source: Green Led
 Transport Speed  16.5" per second
 Performance  Approx. 2 to 3 seconds/scan cycle
 Interface Type  USB and RS232 Serial Port
 Image Resolution  100 x 100 dpi or 200 x 100 dpi
 Software Tools  API Toolkit, Win 98 and Win NT
 Hardware Options  Backside ink-jet endorser

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