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Maverick M-54 Desktop Check Scanner

The Fast, Flexible, and Affordable Image Capture Solution.

The M-54 increases operational efficiency by capturing the MICR code line and check image at the point of payment transaction, thus reducing paper handling. Depending on your strategy, the M-54 fits nicely into a remote or distributed capture solution that eliminates or reduces courier runs, thus saving time and increasing funds availability

Captured check images enhance data integrity and improve security of the transaction, in the event paper checks are lost or stolen while in transit.

Why the M-54 Desktop Scanner ?

FAST - Scans up to 90 checks per minute. MICR code line is captured while scanning at sub-second scan rates.

UNATTENDED OPERATION - Auto-feeder holds 80 to 100 items.

FLEXIBLE - Optional programmable ink-jet endorser and Optional programmable second pocket sorter.

AFFORDABLE - The M-54 is priced favorably for branch capture applications.

Maverick's M-54 enables Financial Institutions to streamline check processing workflows by capturing check images at the branch while performing traditional P.O.D. operations at regional centers.

Maverick M-54 Scanner Features -

High Quality images, anti-skew transport with 200 dpi resolution and up to 256 shades of grey scale

Reliable and Durable. Maverick's M-54 is designed to scan millions of items. On-board diagnostics, power-on self testing, and an easy to service modular design ensures reliable, problem free operation.

Designed for useful life of 20 million documents - Typical usage is 8,000 to 12,000 checks per day.

Typical usage 8,000 to 12,000 checks per day

MTTF (Mean time to failure): 2.5 Million Documents
     MTTR (Mean Time to Repair): 30 Minutes

Maverick M-54 Desktop Scanner Specifications

 Power  115/230 Vac 50/60 hz 75 Watts
 Weight  9 lbs. (4 Kg.)
 Footprint  12.75" L x 7.25" D x 7.5" H
 Paper Size (up to UNIA6)


 Document Height: 2.16" - 4.13"
 Document Length: 2.95" - 9.0"
 Document Weight:16 - 32 lbs.
 Auto-feeder Capacity  80 - 100 documents
 Scanning Method  105 mm (840 cell) CCD Array
 Feed Detection  Infra-red transmissive device
 Throughput  90 (6 inch) documents per/min
 Interface Type  SCSI-2 with selectable ID No.
 Image Compression  G IV Tiff or JPEG greyscale
 Software Tools  API Toolkit, Win 3.x, 95 and NT
 Hardware Options  Second pocket sorter
 Backside ink-jet endorser

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