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Maverick SIMPLE IMAGE Check Imaging, Archive and Retrieval Software for the M54 Check Scanner and the M570/80h Hybrid Systems

Simple Image is Mavericks scalable entry-level microfilm replacement check imaging software. The application can be used in a variety of business environments such as credit unions, banks, thrifts, insurance companies, retail firms, and payment processing centers - wherever checks are microfilmed or imaged. 

Simple Image
is a low cost solution that provides you with digital copies of checks for re-presentment of items that have been lost, damaged, or are being challenged. Saves time, reduces physical storage space, increases productivity, provides safe long lasting digital storage of vital data, and qucikly and easily finds information when you need it.

Scan checks with Mavericks Hybrid and M-54 scanners to capture the front and back image of checks, and capture the MICR code line in a single pass. The check images, MICR line, scan date, amount, batch number, and teller information are indexed and stored electronically for later retrieval.

SIMPLE IMAGE Index Fields Provide Quick Search and Retrieval Capabilities

The Simple Search allows the user to search for items by amount, scan date, batch number, and teller number.Within every index field a user may select to search by -

Equal to
Greater than
Less than
Greater than or equal to
Less than or Equal to
a Range

Maverick SIMPLE IMAGE Features -

Interfaces to Mavericks M-54 single endorsement line scanner and the Hybrid M5-70/580h multi-line endorsement check encoder/imaging system.

Hybrid configurations allow up to 5 lines of endorsement

Includes magnetic MICR line capture AND check imaging

Includes Utilities for item retrieval, printing, and on-screen image manipulation to rotate, crop, size, or disable the image.

Allows for Network storage and retrieval of image files

Scaleable Maverick's higher-end  IPS and CPS imaging systems

Maverick SIMPLE IMAGE Software Specifications

MICR System Maverick M-54, M-570h, and M570h systems.
Interface Adaptec SCSI card w/cable
Host Computer System Intel Pentium P166 or faster processor with 64 MB memory, Monitor and video card supporting 1024 x 768 resolution with small fonts, minimum 256 colors (16 bit recommended).
Host operating System Microsoft Windows 95/98, Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional or Windows NT 4.0 platforms with Service Pack 4 and Microsoft Internet Explorer

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